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Falmouth Rogue

2019 - present

"Falmouth Rogue" is the name of the middle school ultimate team in my hometown of Falmouth, Maine. For three years, Joey Han was commissioned to illustrate their uniforms. The uniforms featured elaborate designs with a cast of characters that grew each year. You can see his illustrations here. In 2019, I was asked to continue using Joey's designs and adding new characters of my own.

2019 Uniform

Each year, the characters from the previous uniform all gather on the back side of the jersey to make room for a new character shown on the front. For the 2019 uniform, we introduced a jaguar character.

2019 Disc

The Falmouth Rogue team also prints their own discs every year. For the 2019 disc, I was asked to draw all the characters from the 2019 jersey.

2020 Uniform

The 2020 uniform brought the characters to the arctic, where we introduced a polar bear.

Finally, in the spirit of 2021, we designed a disc featuring the characters in a Zoom call with Dr. Fowlci.